Über mich

Hi, I’m Anne, purveyor of beautiful things.

Divi Handmade, my lovely blog and crafting shop has been a wonderful ‘excuse’ for me to explore and satisfy my diverse interests in design, history, nature, art, antiques, and much more!

It all comes from the family tradition. I grew up around collectors and crafters from both sides of my family. My Grandfather was an artist and my parents taught us the joys of creating unique gifts and collectibles by hand.


“Creating beautiful handmade things of all sorts just comes very naturally to me”

Anmerkungen zum Online-Shop

Green has not been a fad here at Divi Handmade It’s what we do naturally. Since 2003, we’ve offered our local community here in the sweet valley some very fine gifts, collectibles, and interior spaces.

We started the shop to help you find the perfect gift for your loves ones. Browse our unique collection of handmade items all carefully crafted with love fromt he finest materials in the world.


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